Lawn Installation

Installing Turf Grass can really bring new life to your home or garden. Good grass can provide an excellent surface for relaxing, outdoor games, and spending time with the family. It also looks great. For generations, grass has been the go-to for maximising space and really raising the appeal of your garden.

Expert Turf Installation in Launceston

When it comes to turf installation in Launceston, there are numerous factors to consider, from measuring the size of your lawn to selecting the appropriate grass variety for your location and soil type. If you’ve never laid turf before or don’t have the time, the experts at Landscaping Launceston can help. Our team is composed of certified landscapers and horticulturalists who can provide advice on the best type and style of natural grass, as well as install it flawlessly.

Our team can take care of everything, including measuring your lawn area, providing a quote for new turf and premium quality turf underlay, and arranging installation on a day that suits you. We also offer artificial turf options, such as synthetic lawn turf, for those who prefer low-maintenance landscaping. We can install synthetic lawn grass or fake grass landscapes, depending on your preference, and even offer artificial turf for pets, such as dogs. Our experts can also provide advice on immediate and long-term lawn care, regardless of whether you choose natural or artificial turf.

If you’re looking for the best artificial turf for landscaping, we offer a variety of options, including envirofill. We can also install artificial grass for residential yards or artificial lawns for homes, depending on your needs. Our team can cut the turf exactly to the shape of your lawn and around your garden beds, ensuring a perfect fit. So, if you’re interested in natural or artificial grass landscaping, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve a lush and beautiful lawn without the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proper watering is crucial to the success of your new turf. After installation, you should water it twice daily (morning and afternoon) until it is fully established. As the weeks progress, you can reduce the watering to once every two or three days, depending on your turf variety and seasonal changes. To ensure your turf receives the right amount of water, place a glass on the lawn and wait until it is half full for each watering. This technique guarantees that your turf receives the proper amount of water for each application.

Walking on newly laid turf can damage it, so it’s best to avoid it for at least three weeks. During this time, make sure to keep the turf well-watered and allow it to bed in for a few weeks before mowing.

It’s essential to hire a licensed and insured landscape contractor to protect yourself and your property. Choosing an unlicensed contractor can result in a higher risk of injury, liability, taxes, and insurance issues. Additionally, unlicensed contractors may not comply with city and county codes or provide warranties for their work. To ensure that you’re hiring a reliable contractor, ask for references and a written certificate of insurance that includes workers’ compensation, general liability, and business auto insurance coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance protects you from liability if a worker is injured on your property, while general liability insurance protects against calamities such as floods or landslides caused by construction. Business automobile insurance provides additional protection if a contractor’s vehicle is involved in an accident on your property.

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