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Searching for landscaping consultation Launceston? Well, we know better than anyone that your property’s ‘look’ is never truly completed until it’s accompanied by a perfect landscaping design. A successful project starts with an investment in a thorough landscaping consultation. It’s a great step to seeing your vision turning into a living reality. We will customise a solution to suit every yard design or public area, thus bringing a unique appeal and beauty to that outdoor space.

Perhaps you have your dream landscape design swirling around in your head. Turning that dream into a reality however, can be a complex task. If you hire our professionals, though, you can fast track the process of breathing new life into your outdoor space in Northern Tasmania. Give us a call any time to book a comprehensive landscaping consultation Launceston. We’ll be happy to offer our broad array of experience, wisdom and technical to help you create and build the perfect garden landscape for your home or business.

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Why Invest In Expert Landscaping Design & Construction?

Adding value to your building’s curb appeal by setting up an exceptional landscape exterior is a key goal of every landowner who seeks to add value to their property. Our patio design services will enhance the style, appeal and functionality of your outdoor living space. Our experts take on challenging landscaping designs and customise solutions to meet any issues such as drainage difficulties, multiple elevations and environmental impact to successfully create the best outdoor landscaping in Launceston and Northern Tasmania. 

More Reasons To Consider Outdoor Landscaping

Landscaping is not just picking pretty flowers and mowing the grass. Our landscaping consultation will guide you through each and every step of the process. For example, a comprehensive plan will save time and money by ensuring that each element is installed in the correct order and making sure that the right equipment is brought in exactly when its needed. We also seek to work with and highlight the unique feature of your outdoor area so we can offer you personalized care that your gardens deserves and that suits the surrounding environment. 


Why Get Indoor Landscaping Consultation Launceston?

Indoor landscaping is excellent to achieve an optimal atmosphere for your business or home. Interior landscaping creates an ambient environment that is proved to boost a pleasant mood and environment inside your space. Indoor plants not only increase aesthetics but also stimulate the senses which is proven to improve air quality and aesthetic appeal.

Ambient indoor plants give a welcoming and positive impression that has long-lasting effects. With indoor landscaping we make use of corners, bright foliage, landscaping lights etc to bring colours and life in subtle but effective ways. We can transform dull and boring indoor spaces into welcoming and calming environments.

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These guys were very professional. Our back yard was a mess and needing some serious TLC. They helped us re-design the layout and then installed new features that completely transformed our garden. The quote was accurate and we’re super happy with the finished product!



Kings Meadows

Our lawns were tired and dried up.. my hubby tried a few different things to fix it but in the end we decided to get some quotes for a whole new lawn. These guys gave us the best deal and within two days we had a beautiful new lawn installed. They were fast and efficient! Highly recommend!




Used these blokes on multiple occasions. For my home as well as my business. They really know their stuff and found smart/creative solutions for the problems we had. I highly recommend their services! Top job lads, thanks again!





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