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Professional & Affordable Irrigation Services Launceston

Searching for Irrigation services Launceston? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that keeping your garden watered doesn’t have to be a hassle each week. Landscaping Launceston can provide you access to well designed and professionally installed irrigation systems that run like clockwork. Whether the weather is hot and dry or cold and misty, we can customise an irrigation system to suit your garden ecosystem all year round.

Our advanced irrigation systems create the right environment for healthy plants growth. Roses, hydrangeas, tulips, and other beautiful blooms that require constant water will benefit from advanced irrigation systems in the Launceston area.

The temperate yet variable climate in Tasmania requires the right irrigation system that is programmed accordingly. We offer year round irrigation repairs, maintenance, supplies and management to ensure that your garden is perfectly maintained. Our professional team can  ensure that your existing irrigation system is running smoothly or we can install a brand-new one to set you up for the years to come. We’re all about working with the design of your garden landscape and giving your outdoor space exactly what it need to keep flourishing.

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Smart Garden Irrigation Systems

Gardens these days come in many different forms. Residences across Tasmania have gardens with retaining walls, huge foliage, ponds, creeks and rocky outcrops in addition to more traditional features such as established rose beds, veggie patches or fruit trees.

Our custom designed irrigation systems Launceston, are perfect for creating a low-maintenance plan whether you have a modern or traditional garden in mind. We plan carefully so that you are only watering your garden and it’s living components, not the sidewalk or the neighbouring fence. We take the smart approach to save you time and money in the long run.

Professional Lawn Care and Sustainable Irrigation Services Launceston today come in many different shapes and sizes so we often find that using a traditional sprinkler is almost redundant, especially considering Tasmania’s weather systems. Let us help you by putting a smart sprinkler system in, that will reduce your water costs and increase the effectiveness of your irrigation system. We have easy-to-use designs and water-saving devices available to keep your turf thriving and green without putting too much effort and water into it. Talk to one of our experts today to find out everything you need to keep your lawn in tip top shape.


Irrigation System Servicing and Repairs For Your Gardens

Launceston irrigation repairs can save you tonnes of time and money. Perhaps you’ve taken out a sprinkler head with a lawn mower or your existing system is simply done it time, we can get your irrigation system functioning again in no time.

Irrigation system repairs can take many forms, depending on what’s been installed previously. You can rest assured that the team at landscaping launceston has the right materials and tools for the job. We always seek to repair a system before replacing one entirely, we’ll do our best to save you time and money. We are happy to give you a quote for any kind of repairs needed, whether it’s large or small.

Setting up New Garden Irrigation Systems Launceston

Setting up an irrigation systems can be a complex task, since a great garden often inspires us with its complexity the watering of the garden can become a bit of a challenge as well. We all want to save water, and the truth is that a well designed and properly installed irrigation system does just that. We set-up our irrigation systems to lightly use water in small amounts over time and deep-soaking at night, this way our sprinkler systems save as much water as possible from evaporation and runoff. 

Our Modern irrigation systems integrate with smart homes and mobile apps to make management even easier. You can monitor water usage, turn the system on manually, or use an automated system to keep your garden thriving all year round.


Our Happy Clients!

Landscaping and Irrigation Systems Launceston

These guys were very professional. Our back yard was a mess and needing some serious TLC. They helped us re-design the layout and then installed new features that completely transformed our garden. The quote was accurate and we’re super happy with the finished product!



Kings Meadows

Our lawns were tired and dried up.. my hubby tried a few different things to fix it but in the end we decided to get some quotes for a whole new lawn. These guys gave us the best deal and within two days we had a beautiful new lawn installed. They were fast and efficient! Highly recommend!




Used these blokes on multiple occasions. For my home as well as my business. They really know their stuff and found smart/creative solutions for the problems we had. I highly recommend their services! Top job lads, thanks again!





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