Landscaping Launceston​

Elevate your outdoor living with Landscaping Launceston! Our expert landscapers and gardeners excel in landscape design, deck installation, and retaining walls, creating exceptional results from concept to construction. Get started on your dream garden, complete with paving, driveway pavers, and landscape lighting. We offer everything from unparalleled gardening services to deck refinishing. Contact us today to transform your space with Landscaping Launceston!

Landscaping in Launceston

At Landscaping Launceston, we specialise in offering a comprehensive range of hard and soft landscaping services. Our expert team of innovative professionals is dedicated to creating tailored landscape designs, garden designs, and outdoor area constructions that cater to your specific needs. With a focus on horticultural installations, lawn installation, paving, driveway pavers, retaining walls, and swimming pool construction, we ensure your outdoor space is both functional and beautiful.

Our skilled tradespeople are adept at handling a variety of tasks, including excavation, masonry, deck construction, deck installation, and deck refinishing. In addition, we offer gardening services and landscape lighting solutions to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal. For a cohesive and attractive outdoor environment, we also provide concrete patio construction and paving services.

Trust our landscaping company for all your Launceston landscape design and construction needs, and let us bring your vision to life with our expertise and dedication.

Our Services

landscape design launceston

Landscape Design

Crafting a landscape as distinctive as you, our landscape designer focuses on garden design and backyard design that seamlessly complements your location, your home’s architecture, and your desired lifestyle. You will not find better landscape designers in Launceston!

Lawn Installation Launceston

Lawn Installation

At Landscaping Launceston, our team of expert turf installers is committed to delivering professional and hassle-free lawn installation services for your property. With our high-quality lawn rolls and instant turf options, we’ll transform your outdoor space into a lush green oasis that you’ll love. Trust us to handle all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy the beauty of your newly installed lawn

Retaining Walls Launceston

Retaining Walls

Landscaping Launceston is committed to upholding the highest standards in providing retaining walls in Launceston at a low cost. By meeting all engineering requirements and using only the finest precast concrete panels and precast panels, we cater to our customers’ needs. Experience our affordable, competitively priced services with a focus on exceptional quality and friendly customer care for all your landscaping endeavors.

Paving Launceston


At Landscaping Launceston, we pride ourselves on our expertise in working with clay, brick, and concrete driveway pavers, offering years of experience in designing and installing tailor-made walkways and driveways for our valued clients in Launceston.If you’re considering a welcoming front walkway, an enchanting garden path across your property, an elegant patio to highlight your home’s water elements, or even paving surrounding your pool fence or enclosure, trust Landscaping Launceston for the skill and knowledge you require in Launceston.


Why Choose Us

Fast Work

Emphasizing rapid work, our efficient systems, resources, and multidisciplinary team ensure that tasks are completed correctly and promptly. Comprised of horticulturists, ecologists, environmental designers, environmental scientists, landscapers, and project managers, our team of seasoned experts is committed to delivering top-quality results with speed and precision. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our dedication to swift, exceptional work.

Strong Reputation

Boasting a solid reputation in the Launceston region, we take pride in the frequent referrals we receive from our satisfied past and present clients, showcasing our commitment to exceptional service and results.

Fixed Quotes

In the landscaping industry, it's not unusual for hidden costs to be tucked away in a quote, such as plumbing, soil requirements, or intentional design alterations. At our company, we prioritize transparency by offering fixed, affordable quotes for our work unless otherwise specified. We make a sincere effort to consider all potential contingencies and clarify any items not included in the quote, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the services provided and their cost.

Competitive Prices

We refuse to cut corners or compromise on the quality of your project. Our dedication to offering competitive and cost-effective pricing ensures we provide excellent value for money. We work closely with you to meet your budget requirements, presenting alternative options when needed to align with your ultimate objectives while maintaining affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contemporary landscaping involves designing, planning, and constructing gardens and other features that serve to create functional outdoor spaces and enhance the aesthetics around a home. Landscaping comprises both hardscaping and softscaping elements, although the terms softscaping and landscaping are often used interchangeably. Hardscaping pertains to the use of non-organic materials like stone and woodwork, including retaining walls, decks, fire pits, and more. Softscaping, on the other hand, refers to aspects such as planting designs, creating berms, grading, and mulching. Landscaping Launceston specializes in both landscape and hardscape design throughout the greater Launceston area in Tasmania.

While irrigation systems are not mandatory for sustaining the well-being of your lawn or plants, they can certainly be advantageous. Irrigation simplifies the watering process and ensures thorough coverage of your lawn, eliminating missed areas. A hose and sprinkler serve as a cost-effective alternative, but they necessitate setting timers and manually relocating the sprinkler throughout your yard. Both options, however, may lead to water wastage. In the end, it’s up to you to determine if an irrigation system suits your needs.

Landscaping activities in Australia occur in phases throughout the year, taking into account the country’s unique climate. Generally, autumn is the optimal time for preparing and planting flower beds, as well as initiating hardscaping projects. Winter, with its milder temperatures, is when most large-scale landscaping and hardscaping projects are completed. Spring is an excellent time for planting trees and shrubs, as the weather is typically favourable. Hardscaping continues through spring and into early summer, before the heat becomes too intense.

For instance, a past project commenced in late winter with the construction of the patio, sitting walls, and fireplace, as well as the planting of trees and shrubs. The following spring, we planted perennial and annual plants, which thrive during this season in Australia.

To ensure your project’s timely completion, it’s advisable to contact landscaping companies during the summer months. Securing a spot on their schedule before the busy autumn and winter seasons is preferable to reaching out in late spring when crews might be fully booked until the season’s end.

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